Madhu Ambat

Madhu Ambat is an Indian cinematographer. With a career spanning over 40 years, he is one of the most prolific cinematographers in Indian cinema. He is best known for his work in films such as Amaram, Anjali, and Makaramanju. He currently resides in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He has won the National Film Award for Best Cinematography thrice. He is a member of the Indian Society of Cinematographers (ISC).

Madhu Ambat was born on 6 March 1949 in Ernakulam to Ambat Sulochana and Prof K. Bhagyanath and he is the grandson of Ambat Sivarama Menon. He is a graduate and holds a diploma from the Film Institute of India, Poona, from where he graduated in 1973, securing a gold medal.[citation needed ]

Madhu's father, K. Bhagyanath, resigned as a Professor of English to be a full-time magician. Bhagyanath was also an amateur photographer. Bhagyanath and his wife Sulochana believed that one should take the profession one liked best. Madhu got admission in IIT and at the same time he selected in Pune Film Institute. Despite of all hindrances from the relatives, Madhu's parents allowed him to join in the Film institute, and he sustained the faith of his parents on him by achieving a gold medal at the institute. And all these helped Madhu take cinematography as his profession. Madhu, who started his career with a documentary for famous director Ramu Kariat, has been cinematographer for over 250 films. His younger sister is the renowned actress and dancer Vidhubala.

He is married to Latha M Ambat and has 2 sons, Darshan and Rythwin. He resides in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.[citation needed ]

After graduating from the Pune Film Institute, Madhu Ambat entered the film industry in 1973, photographing a documentary for Ramu Kariat. In a career spread over 35 years, he has been the cinematographer for a number of notable films winning many awards.

Ambat also heads a non-profit making research organization "Fantasia Centre for Research and Development of Cinema". This newly started organization strives to develop an atmosphere for research in cinema and to spread a film culture.

In 2003, he completed 1:1.6 An Ode to Lost Love, his debut film as a director.


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