The Next of Kin


The Next of Kin, also known as Next of Kin, is a 1942 Second World War propaganda film produced by Ealing Studios.[2] The film was originally commissioned by the British War Office as a training film to promote the government message that "Careless talk costs lives". After being taken on by Ealing Studios, the project was expanded and given a successful commercial release.[3] After the war and up until at least the mid 1960s, services in British Commonwealth countries continued to use The Next of Kin as part of security training. The film's title is derived from the phrase "the next of kin have been informed" as used by radio announcers when reporting on the loss of personnel in action.[4]

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weitere Titel:
The Next of Kin ast
Herstellungsland:Vereinigtes Königreich
IMDB: 274
Verleih:Ealing Studios
Regie:Thorold Dickinson
Drehbuch:Basil Bartlett
Kamera:Ernest Palmer
Musik:William Walton
Produzent:Michael Balcon
Darsteller:Mervyn Johns
Nova Pilbeam
John Chandos
Stephen Murray
Jack Hawkins
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