The Territory


The Territory (Portuguese: O Território) is a 1981 Portuguese philosophical horror film directed by Chilean filmmaker Raúl Ruiz about two American families who resort to cannibalism shortly after getting lost on a camping trip in the South of France. The film, about the animalistic nature of humans when they disregard their "civilized" instincts, obliquely addresses themes of "exile and crossing boundaries: of language, nation and morality".[1]

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
The Territory
Originalsprache:Französisch, Englisch
IMDB: 240
Regie:Raúl Ruiz
Drehbuch:Gilbert Adair
Kamera:Henri Alekan
Musik:Jorge Arriagada
Produzent:Paulo Branco
Roger Corman
Darsteller:Isabelle Weingarten
Rebecca Pauly
John Paul Getty III
Artur Semedo
José Nascimento
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