Undercover is a 1983 Australian film directed by David Stevens. Michael Pare and Genevieve Picot star in the film.

It was based on an original idea by Miranda Downes, who wanted to make a film based on Australian underwear manufacturer Fred Burley. Stevens was attracted to the film because it gave him the chance to make a film that was fun and glamorous, which said something about Australia.[3]

The investors insisted on an American actor in the cast. Dennis Quaid was originally meant to play the American lead but his involvement was objected to by Actors Equity. Equity also did not like Stevens' second choice for the role but approved his third, Pare.[1][3]

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Undercover ast
IMDB: 108
Regie:David Stevens
Drehbuch:Miranda Downes
Produzent:David Elfick
Darsteller:Michael Paré
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