Vienna (also known as Orson Welles' Vienna[1] or Spying in Vienna[2]) is a 1968 short film directed by Orson Welles. It was originally produced as part of his abandoned television special, Orson's Bag, which was made for CBS; but in 1969, with the project close to completion, CBS withdrew their funding over Welles' long-running disputes with US authorities regarding his tax status. The film remained uncompleted.[1] Despite its name, Vienna freely mixes footage shot in Vienna, Zagreb, and in a Los Angeles studio.[1] The 8-minute segment was restored by the Munich Film Museum in 1999.[1]

Vienna is an eclectic blend of faux-documentary and comical skits. Welles presents a leisurely guided tour of "Vienna," commenting on the city and its inhabitants.[2] He visits the Sacher Hotel, and the Wiener Riesenrad (Giant Ferris Wheel) at the Prater amusement park,[2] both of which appeared in the 1949 film The Third Man, in which Welles had a starring role. Peter Bogdanovich, disguised in a trench coat and dark glasses, appears as Welles' magician assistant.[1] The film concludes with a spy film spoof, as Welles becomes involved in the abduction of "the most beautiful woman in Vienna" (Senta Berger),[1] the kidnapper portrayed by Mickey Rooney.[1]

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Herstellungsland:Vereinigtes Königreich
IMDB: 190
Regie:Orson Welles
Darsteller:Orson Welles
Arte Johnson
Mickey Rooney
Senta Berger
Peter Bogdanovich
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