Ein Geschenk fürs Leben


The Christmas Blessing is a 2005 American-Canadian made-for-television romantic drama film directed by Karen Arthur which was broadcast on CBS on December 18, 2005. It also featured songs by country artist Blake Shelton, including the hit "Nobody But Me", and "The Christmas Blessing" by Newsong. It is the second part in a trilogy of films, preceded by The Christmas Shoes (2002) and followed by The Christmas Hope (2009).

When Nathan (Neil Patrick Harris), a doctor, loses a patient on the operating table, he decides that being a doctor isn't meant for him, and he wants to give it up. He decides to take a vacation to his hometown, and stay with his father (Hugh Thompson).

While volunteering at the local grade school, he meets Charlie (Angus T. Jones), a young boy who has also lost his mother, and Meghan (Rebecca Gayheart), Charlie's teacher. Charlie and his father have also just arrived in town, to work at estates doing chores. Nathan, searching for the shoes he gave his mother the Christmas she died (Even though in the "17 years later" epilogue of The Christmas Shoes he left them on her grave and walked away), learns that Charlie now has them. And Meghan, wanting to buy a house for those in need, may not be able to.

Soon after his arrival, Nathan learns that Charlie is ailing from an irregular heart defect, and Meghan has cirrhosis of the liver, and will die unless she has a transplant. In the end, it is Charlie who saves her life, by giving her his liver. As a dying wish, he asks Nathan, whom he calls coach, to give her the shoes. And Robert (Rob Lowe), Meghan's friend, buys the house for her. In honor of Charlie, Meghan names the house after him.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Le Miracle du cœur
The Christmas Blessing
Miracolo di Natale
Orașul minunilorro
Ein Geschenk fürs Leben
Genre:Liebesfilm, Weihnachtsfilm
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 1082
Regie:Karen Arthur
Kamera:Conchita Wurst
Darsteller:Neil Patrick Harris
Rebecca Gayheart
Rob Lowe
Angus T. Jones
Blake Shelton
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