Une sale histoire


Une Sale Histoire (also known as A Dirty Story) is an unusual short 1977 French film of two halves, or two related short films tagged on to each other, by French director Jean Eustache.

It concerns the factual tale of a man who finds a peep hole in the female toilets of a café - the story firstly being acted out and secondly being conveyed off-the-cuff by the man this actually happened to. Luc Béraud is assistant director on the movie.

The film stars Michael Lonsdale, Laurie Zimmer (credited as Laura Fanning) and Françoise Lebrun.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Une sale histoire de-at
Regie:Jean Eustache
Drehbuch:Jean Eustache
Darsteller:Annette Wademant
Françoise Lebrun
Jean Douchet
Jean Eustache
Michael Lonsdale
Virginie Thévenet
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