Bube, Dame, König, grAs – Die Serie


Lock, Stock... is a seven-part British television crime drama series, co-written and created by Guy Ritchie, as a spin-off from his 1998 film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.[1] The series first broadcast on Channel 4 on 29 May 2000 with a feature-length pilot, Lock, Stock and Four Stolen Hooves.

The series stars Daniel Caltagirone, Del Synnott, Scott Maslen and Shaun Parkes as close friends Moon, Jamie, Bacon and Lee,[2] who run The Lock, a public house in London. Each episode focuses on the four friends attempting a different business venture, and the comedy of errors that ensues. Ralph Brown also stars as local gangland boss Miami Vice.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Lock, Stock…
Карты, деньги…
Lock, Stock... ast ga
Bube, Dame, König, grAs – Die Serie
两杆大菸槍 续篇zh-hant
Herstellungsland:Vereinigtes Königreich
IMDB: 1356
Darsteller:Ralph Brown
Scott Maslen
Shaun Parkes
Del Synnott
Bradley Walsh
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