Big Bad Wolves


Big Bad Wolves (Hebrew: מי מפחד מהזאב הרע , Mi mefakhed mehaze'ev hara, direct translation: "Who's afraid of the bad wolf") is a 2013 Israeli black comedy horror-thriller film written and directed by Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado, produced by Tami Leon and by Moshe and Leon Edry through their United King Films banner. The film focuses on the story of three Israeli adults who abduct a young school teacher in order to torture and interrogate him about the murder and rape case of a young girl in the woods.

The film was the official selection of Tribeca Film Festival and premiered in the festival on April 21, 2013.[3][4] The film was released on August 15, 2013 in Israel and received overwhelmingly positive reviews across Israel, USA and other countries worldwide and was screened in various other film festivals, mainly for its humor, screenwriting, direction, torture scenes, acting and originality. Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino praised the film and called it 2013's best film, with his praise being labeled on the film's US poster.

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weitere Titel:
Big Bad Wolves
מי מפחד מהזאב הרעhe
Duże złe wilkipl
Csúnya, gonosz bácsikhu
Очень плохие парни
誰是大野狼zh zh-hant
Big Bad Wolves - I lupi cattivi
Genre:Horrorfilm, Kriminalfilm
IMDB: 16544
Verleih:Magnolia Pictures, Netflix
Regie:Aharon Keshales
Navot Papushado
Schnitt:Asaf Korman
Musik:Frank Ilfman
Darsteller:Lior Ashkenazi
Tzahi Grad
Rotem Keinan
Dov Glickman
Menashe Noy
Dvir Benedek
Nati Kluger
Kais Nashef
Ami Weinberg
Gur Bentwitz
Sarah Adler
Rivka Michaeli
Vered Feldman
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