Fanny: The Right to Rock


Fanny: The Right to Rock is a Canadian documentary film, directed by Bobbi Jo Hart and released in 2021.[1] The film is a profile of Fanny, an all-female rock band from the 1970s whose members included lesbian music pioneer June Millington.[2]

The film premiered at the 2021 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, where it was named one of five winners of the Rogers Audience Award.[3] It was subsequently screened at the 2021 Inside Out Film and Video Festival, where it won the award for Best Canadian Film.[4]

Dennis Harvey of Variety wrote "Fanny: The Right to Rock remains thoroughly engaging thanks to the demonstrable talent and brassy forthrightness of its central personalities".[2]

Sydney Urbanek of The Spool said "The beauty of Fanny: The Right to Rock is that it's being released now-long enough since their peak that the band can tell their story on their own terms, and early enough that they're very much around to receive their long-overdue flowers".[5]

Susan G. Cole of Point of View magazine criticized the film for its omissions, such as not mentioning the Riot grrrl movement.[6]

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