Die Taverne von New Orleans


Adventures of Captain Fabian is a 1951 American adventure film directed by William Marshall and starring Errol Flynn, Micheline Presle, Vincent Price, Agnes Moorehead and Victor Francen

The plot is about the travails of a French Creole maid in a household of 1860 New Orleans and her romantic involvement with Captain Fabian. As with many later Flynn features, the tangled production history is arguably more interesting: Marshall, the co-producer and husband of Micheline Presle, began shooting in France with no experience as a director and without realizing that French law required a parallel French-language version. Robert Florey, who had directed Flynn in his last bit part in 1935, was hired as an uncredited "consultant". The same year Marshall and Flynn also produced the unreleased Hello God.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
La Taverne de la Nouvelle-Orléans
Adventures of Captain Fabian ast
Äventyr i New Orleans
L'avventuriero di New Orleans
Die Taverne von New Orleans
Genre:Abenteuerfilm, Liebesfilm
Herstellungsland:Frankreich, Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 249
Verleih:Republic Pictures
Regie:Robert Florey
Drehbuch:Errol Flynn
Kamera:Marcel Grignon
Schnitt:Henri Taverna
Musik:René Cloërec
Produzent:Robert Dorfmann
Darsteller:Errol Flynn
Micheline Presle
Vincent Price
Agnes Moorehead
Victor Francen
Howard Vernon
Roger Blin
Reggie Nalder
Gilles Quéant
Héléna Manson
Jim Gérald
Marcel Journet
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