Anything Goes is a 1956 American musical film directed by Robert Lewis, and starring Bing Crosby, Donald O'Connor, Zizi Jeanmaire, and Mitzi Gaynor.[2] Adapted from the 1934 stage musical Anything Goes by Cole Porter, Guy Bolton, and P.G. Wodehouse,[3] the film is about two entertainers scheduled to appear in a Broadway show who travel to Europe, where each discovers the perfect leading lady for the female role. Bing Crosby's character, Bill Benson, goes to England and meets Mitzi Gaynor's character Patsy Blair, and he signs her as the female lead. Meanwhile, Donald O'Connor's character, Ted Adams, travels to France and meets Jeanmaire's character, Gaby Duval, and he signs her to the same role. On the return voyage, with each man having brought his leading lady along, the Atlantic becomes a stormy crossing when each man must tell his discovery that she might not get the role.

Paramount had already (1936) released a musical film version that followed the plot of the original stage musical. The book for this 1956 film version, also released by Paramount, was drastically rewritten. Although this version again stars Crosby (whose character was renamed), the film replaces most of the original characters and follows a new plot. It features almost no similarities to the musical stage production, apart from some songs and the title.

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weitere Titel:
Quadrille d'amour
Anything Goes ast
Anything Goes (film 1956)pl
Dans ombord
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 953
Verleih:Paramount Pictures, Netflix
Regie:Robert Lewis
Drehbuch:Sidney Sheldon
Howard Lindsay
Schnitt:Frank Bracht
Musik:Cole Porter
Produzent:Robert Emmett Dolan
Darsteller:Bing Crosby
Donald O’Connor
Zizi Jeanmaire
Mitzi Gaynor
Alma Macrorie
Argentina Brunetti
James Griffith
Jean Del Val
Kurt Kasznar
Phil Harris
Richard Erdman
Walter Sande
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