Zwei Haudegen auf Achse


Pocket Money is a 1972 American Western buddy comedy film directed by Stuart Rosenberg, from a screenplay written by Terrence Malick and based on the 1970 novel Jim Kane by J.P.S. Brown. The film stars Paul Newman and Lee Marvin and takes place in 1970s Arizona and northern Mexico.

The song "Pocket Money" is composed and performed by Carole King. It was mostly filmed in the small town of Ajo, Arizona. Portions of the film were shot at Southwestern Studios in Carefree, Arizona, a facility originally built by cast member Fred Graham.

According to co-star Wayne Rogers, in an episode of Pop Goes the Culture, Newman and Marvin did not get along especially well during production.[2] This was one of three films that Newman, Rogers, and Rosenberg made together; the others being Cool Hand Luke (1967) and WUSA (1970).

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weitere Titel:
Les Indésirables
Pocket Money ast sh
Per una manciata di soldi
پول توجیبیfa
Zwei Haudegen auf Achse
Genre:Buddy-Film, Western, Filmdrama
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 17000
Verleih:National General Pictures, Netflix
Regie:Stuart Rosenberg
Drehbuch:Terrence Malick
John Gay
Kamera:László Kovács
Musik:Alex North
Produzent:John Foreman
Darsteller:Paul Newman
Lee Marvin
Strother Martin
Wayne Rogers
Hector Elizondo
Richard Farnsworth
Terrence Malick
Christine Belford
Matthew Clark
Gregory Sierra
Matt Clark
Fred Graham
Kelly Jean Peters
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