Médecins de nuit

Médecins de nuit is a French medical drama television series which aired between 22 September 1978 and 27 June 1986. It was originally televised on Antenne 2 station, which on 7 September was renamed France 2,[1] and then rebroadcast later on M6, serieclub (a cable and satellite network in France) and Jimmy, a satellite digital television channel. Thirty eight 54 minute episodes were produced across 5 seasons. The creators were Bernard Gridaine [fr] (alias Bernard Kouchner), Hervé Chabalier [fr] and Gilles Bression.

The theme song was composed by Vladimir Cosma. Philippe Lefebvre directed the first season and as other seasons followed, by was succeeded by Bruno Gantillon, Peter Kassovitz, Nicolas Ribowski [fr] , Jean-Pierre Moscardo [fr] , Pierre Lary [fr] and Emmanuel Fonlladosa [fr] amongst others.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Médecins de nuit
IMDB: 25
Regie:Philippe Lefebvre
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