Da Vinci's War – In den Fängen des CIA


Da Vinci's War is a 1992 direct to video action thriller film directed by Raymond Martino. The film was produced by and stars Joey Travolta. It also stars Michael Nouri, best known for his role in Flashdance. The film's narrative revolves around former Vietnam War veteran Frank DaVinci (Travolta) attempting to find his sister and brother-in-law's killer with assistance from his fellow veterans and assassin, China Smith (Nouri), only to become entangled in a trap concocted by corrupt CIA operatives. James Russo, Branscombe Richmond and Vanity appear in supporting roles. Brian Robbins also stars.

The film opens with a couple later revealed as the protagonist's sister and brother in law, undergoing a home invasion by a hitman named Mintz (James Russo).

The film then cuts to Vietnam veteran Frank Da Vinci (Travolta) attending a luncheon with his family and his fellow vets Elvis (Gino Dente), Hamlet (Richard Faronjy), and Don Williams (Branscombe Richmond). When his sister Angie (Dallas Cole) and her husband Robert Bain (Joe Palese) don't attend the event, Frank goes to their house to notify them. Once he arrives, he finds Robert dead in a pool of blood. He finds the exterior of the house being scrutinized by a plethora of men and later finds Angie at the mercy of Mintz, who demands that DaVinci give him a "letter." DaVinci denies that he has a letter, prompting Mintz to taunt him. Despite DaVinci's pleas to leave his sister alone, Mintz kills Angie by slitting her throat. Traumatized by this ordeal and war flashbacks, DaVinci does not shoot Mintz, allowing him to escape. Following Robert and Angie's funeral, DaVinci is wracked with shame and guilt that he didn't kill Mintz when he initially had the chance to do so. He is comforted by Don Williams and his war buddies. Father Michael comforts DaVinci, telling him to do what is in his heart because "God isn't stopping him." The veterans decide to help Frank by doing research throughout the neighborhood via word of mouth. Following a hallucination of his sister's last words, Da Vinci, learns about China Smith, an assassin, during a phone call with Don Williams.

Meanwhile, Robert and Angie's daughter, Mary, is looked after by the local priest, Father Michael (Brian Robbins) and Da Vinci's close friend, Lupe (Vanity), who secretly has romantic feelings for him.

DaVinci, following a conversation with his friend Jim Holbrook (Sam Jones), finds China Smith's (played by Michael Nouri) residence. DaVinci pays Smith $2,000 to help him find his sister's killer but he refuses the offer. In retaliation, DaVinci and his war colleagues ransack his house. DaVinci and the war veterans later confront Smith at a Flamenco nightclub where, if he helps them apprehend Mintz, they'll give him back his belongings, leading Smith to acquiescently agree.

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weitere Titel:
Tueur sur commande
DaVinci's War ast
Da Vinci's War – In den Fängen des CIA
Gli occhi della vendetta
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 115
Regie:Raymond Martino
Produzent:Joey Travolta
Darsteller:Branscombe Richmond
Brian Robbins
James Russo
Joey Travolta
Michael Nouri
Richard Foronjy
Sam J. Jones
Melissa Moore
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