Fight Club: Members Only


Fight Club: Members Only is a 2006 Indian action film directed by Vikram Chopra and produced by Ravi Walia and Sohail Khan. The film features an ensemble cast of Suniel Shetty, Zayed Khan, Sohail Khan, Dino Morea, Ritesh Deshmukh, Aashish Chaudhary, Rahul Dev, Dia Mirza and Amrita Arora while Ashmit Patel, Yash Tonk, Kulbhushan Kharbanda and Neha Dhupia are featured in crucial roles. While the film notably copies the title and logo of the 1999 American film Fight Club, the plot has few parallels or allusions to the American film or the novel on which it is based.[2][3][4]

The story follows four friends, Vicky, Karan, Somil and Diku. The four often attend clubs and drink alcohol together. One night, they witness a physical brawl, and Vicky comes up with the idea of making a "Fight Club," in which the participants will be allowed to fight physically but with valid reason. The night when the Fight Club is opened, Somil learns that his uncle, who brought him up and currently lives in Delhi, has met some troubles. Some local gangsters want to take over the club of Somil's uncle to use it for drugs smuggling. After being firmly rejected, they threatened to kill him. Somil then leaves for Delhi to help his uncle, leaving the other three boys running the Fight Club in Mumbai.

When Mohit, a college youngster, enters the club and takes part in a fight, he ends up beating his opponent severely to critical condition. After being stopped by Vicky, Mohit attacks him, to which response Vicky throws him out of the club. The scene is caught by several police officers, they arrest Mohit and seal the Fight Club, but others manage to escape and select a new place to keep running the Fight Club. After Mohit is released, he arrives with Anna's old gangster friends to get revenge, but is rejected by the latter.

Anna, Mohit's older brother is released from prison where he stayed for 8 years and visits Mohit to see if he has changed himself from keeping fighting and working for gangsters, Anna tells Mohit that the reason he quit the gangster group and handed himself to the police was that he wanted to set a good example for Mohit. He then takes Mohit to Delhi for vacation.

Vicky, Karan and Diku keep running the Fight Club. One night, Vicky's past classmate Sameer shows up in the club to challenge Vicky. Sameer almost beats Vicky, but police arrives in the scene, making all of them escape. The new place is sealed again by police, and the three friends decide to give it up and go to Delhi to visit Somil.

Somil's uncle was killed by gangsters before the three arrive. The four then take over Somil's uncle's club Crossroads to reopen it, but the gangsters almost destroy it again in the first night after its reopening. The four then decide to hire a bouncer to protect their club from being destroyed again, and Vicky comes up with the idea of hiring Sameer. Sameer rejects at first, but later shows up when the four are fighting with the gangster group and saves them and joined them in running the club.

While staying in Delhi, Mohit cheats Anna by telling him that he will go back to Mumbai to attend college but instead going to meet his old gangster friends Sandy and Dinesh, who killed Somil's uncle. Anna coincidentally meets Sandy and Dinesh, the two then invite Anna to come back to their gangster group again but are rejected by Anna. Dinesh comes up with idea to get Anna back.

Mohit meets Diku, making him aware that the four of them are also in Delhi. Dinesh takes Mohit to Crossroads to revenge, but lets Mohit enter alone. When Mohit is beaten by the five of them, Dinesh doesn't help or even show up, Moreover, he kills Mohit soon after he's beaten, making Vicky and his friends naturally blamed, and the five of them are arrested for murder but are soon bailed by Vicky's father, in exchange, Vicky agrees with his father to return to Mumbai with him, Soon enough, Anna finds out about this incident, and plans to avenge Mohit with his whole crew.

Vicky develops a romantic relationship with Anu, Karan's younger sister, and Karan falls in love with his neighbour Sonali. As the friends get a phone call they realize that Anna has captured Somil and Dikku. Karan and Sameer rush to save them, but beaten in a fight with Sandy and Dinesh. Vicky then arrives to help his friends and is knocked down. Somil then realizes that Dinesh was the one who killed Mohit with a small screwdriver when Dinesh tries to kill Somil with the same weapon, but Anna saves Somil and kills Dinesh. Sandy is left devastated as Anna, Vicky, Sameer, Somil, Karan and Dikku return to the bar. Ultimately, Anna befriends the five and the Crossroads club is converted into a regular nightclub.

Songs for Fight Club: Members Only were composed by Pritam, and the lyrics were written by Mayur Puri & Neelesh Misra. Pritam was nominated for the Global Indian Film Awards for Best Music.[citation needed ]

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weitere Titel:
Fight Club – Members Only
Fight Club - Members Only
فايت كلوب arz
फाइट क्लब (2006 फ़िल्म)hi
फाइट क्लब (सन् २००६या संकिपा)new
ফাইট ক্লাব – মেম্বার্স ওনলিbn
ಫೈಟ್ ಕ್ಲಬ್ ಮೆಂಬರ್ಸ್ ಓಂನ್ಲಿkn
Fight Club: Members Only
ఫైట్ క్లబ్ -మెంబెర్స్ ఓన్లీte
باشگاه مبارزه-فقط اعضاfa
Clwb Ymladdcy
IMDB: 1539
Verleih:Sohail Khan Productions, Netflix
Regie:Vikram Chopra
Drehbuch:Mayur Puri
Musik:Pritam Chakraborty
Produzent:Sohail Khan
Ravi Walia
Darsteller:Sunil Shetty
Zayed Khan
Dino Morea
Diya Mirza
Amrita Arora
Kulbhushan Kharbanda
Ritesh Deshmukh
Aashish Chaudhary
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