Lieber Alaska als diese Frau


Hostage for a Day is a 1994 Canadian television comedy film directed by John Candy, in his only directorial effort. Though the film is also billed as "starring" Candy, he in fact plays only a minor role, as a Russian hostage taker. Produced with a mostly Canadian cast, the film was released one month after Candy's death.

Forty one year old copy shop worker Warren Kooey begins having a mid-life crisis. His plans are to take a trip to the state of Alaska, but his plans are derailed after his wife drains his entire bank account (approximately $40,000) to pay for a remodelling job by famous home builder and blond, long haired Italian heartthrob "Hondo."

In order to recuperate his money Kooey decides to pose as being held hostage by an imaginary Russian terrorist, and calls the SWAT Team on himself in an effort to extort $50,000 (to Kooey's disappointment, the incompetent SWAT team has suffered major budget cuts). Things take a turn for the worse, when Russian terrorist Yuri Petrovich takes Kooey hostage.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Заложник на день
Hostage for a Day
Заручник на день
Lieber Alaska als diese Frau
IMDB: 385
Regie:John Candy
Musik:Ian Thomas
Darsteller:John Candy
George Wendt
John Vernon
Currie Graham
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