15 Amore


15 Amore is a 1998 Australian film directed by Maurice Murphy and starring Lisa Hensley and Steve Bastoni.

In World War Two Australia, Italian POWs Alfredo (Steve Bastoni) and Joseph (Domenic Galati) are billeted with Dorothy (Lisa Hensley) and her three little children, while Dorothy's husband is fighting at the front. Also living with them are Jewish German refugees Frau Guttman (Gertaud Ingeborg) and her shy daughter Rachel (Tara Jakszewicz).

The Italian soldiers become housekeepers and arms length friends, but Frau Guttman cannot reconcile herself to the place or the culture.

A secret romance begins between Joseph and Rachel, leading to bitterness and drama at the otherwise calm outback home.[2]

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
15 Amore ast cy
Najszczęśliwsze lata wojnypl
IMDB: 216
Regie:Maurice Murphy
Darsteller:Lisa Hensley
Steve Bastoni
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