Aas Paas


Aas Paas (transl. Close to each other ) is a 1981 Indian Hindi-language romance film directed by J. Om Prakash and starring Dharmendra, Hema Malini and Prem Chopra. The music was by Laxmikant–Pyarelal. The film begins with a dedication to the late singer Mohammed Rafi, announcing that his last recorded song was for this film.[1]

Director-producer J. Om Prakash included in Aas Paas (1981) another brief "Lucky Mascot"[2] screen appearance of his grandson — future Hindi film superstar actor Hrithik Roshan, then age 7 — as the boy dancing in the song "Shehar Main Charcha Hai" who winks at Hema Malini and passes her a love note from Dharmendra.

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weitere Titel:
Aas Paas id
आस पास (1981 फ़िल्म)hi
आस पास (सन् १९८१या संकिपा)new
আস পাসbn
ಆಸ್ ಪಾಸ್kn
आस पास (१९८१ हिंदी चित्रपट)mr
ఆస్ పాస్te
در نزدیکیfa
IMDB: 116
Verleih:Shemaroo Entertainment
Regie:J. Om Prakash
Hema Malini
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