Der blinde Rächer


Blind Spot is a 1958 British drama film directed by Peter Maxwell and starring Robert MacKenzie, Delphi Lawrence, Gordon Jackson, John Le Mesurier, and Michael Caine.[1]

Laid up in a military hospital waiting for an operation, U.S. Army Captain Dan Adams, has lost his sight due to a head injury. While his doctors are waiting for his injury to heal before proceeding, Adams is driven off the base to a party but is dropped off at the wrong address.

Entering the house, he stumbles over a body and startles the killers Rushford and Schrieder. Realising Adams is blind, they knock him out and throw him down a flight of stairs. When Adams revives back in the same hospital, his tale of murder seems implausible, as no evidence of a crime is found.

After regaining his eyesight, Adams finds himself framed on a diamond-smuggling charge. He sets out to track down the real thieves, pretending that he is still blind in order to catch them off guard. Encountering an aircraft mechanic and the Brent family, with father and sister, Adams realises that a pilot thought to be dead is really Johnny Brent who knows more about the theft and murders. Finally unravelling the mysterious death and smuggling operation, Adams proves his innocence.

Principal location photography for Blind Spot took place at Majestic Hotel, Kensington, London, England. Studio shots were completed at Walton Studios, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England.

Blind Spot is a remake of "Blackout", a British crime drama (1950 film), by the same producers, but a different director.

TV Guide gave Blind Spot one out of four stars, and wrote, "A few good turns, including the final chase, can't pep up a tired script;"[2] while the Radio Times rated the film two out of five stars, calling it a "stolid British crime yarn."[3]

The Movie Scene gave the film three out of five stars, noting, "Robert MacKenzie appeared to make only three movies yet going on what he does as Dan Adams in 'Blind Spot' makes me think he could have had a solid movie career...after a decent set up "Blind Spot" quickly unravels into an ordinary 1950s crime drama with nothing to make it stand out except that it features a young Michael Caine."[4]

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Blind Spot ast
Der blinde Rächer
Mord i mörker
Genre:Filmdrama, Kriminalfilm
Herstellungsland:Vereinigtes Königreich
Regie:Peter Maxwell
Produzent:Robert S. Baker
Monty Berman
Darsteller:Delphi Lawrence
Gordon Jackson
Anne Sharp
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