Blood & Donuts


Blood and Donuts is a 1995 Canadian supernatural comedy horror film[1] directed by Holly Dale, written by Andrew Rai Berzins, and starring Gordon Currie and Helene Clarkson. David Cronenberg plays a cameo role as the local crime boss. The film features a vampire who is accidentally awakened after 25 years of sleep and starts to shyly make contact with the mortal world around him. As he interacts and begins to care for the people around him, he gets mixed up in their problems and they in his.

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weitere Titel:
Blood and Donuts
Blood & Donuts
Genre:Horrorkomödie, Vampirfilm
IMDB: 1259
Verleih:Artisan Entertainment
Regie:Holly Dale
Kamera:Paul Sarossy
Musik:Nash the Slash
Produzent:Steve Hoban
Darsteller:Gordon Currie
Louis Ferreira
Helene Clarkson
David Cronenberg
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