Duniya (transl. The World) is a Hit 1984 Hindi-language action film directed by Ramesh Talwar, starring Dilip Kumar, Ashok Kumar, Rishi Kapoor, Amrita Singh in lead roles. The music was composed by R. D. Burman.

Mohan Kumar is an honest and conscientious man working as the General Manager of a shipping company owned by his friend, Dinesh. Dinesh is a widower and his daughter, Roma is attached to Mohan Kumar, his wife Sumitra and young son Ravi. Jugal Kishore, Bhandari and Balwant, who work under Mohan Kumar, are into smuggling. When Mohan Kumar learns of their activities, the three men murder Dinesh and deviously frame Mohan Kumar for it. Mohan Kumar is helpless. Unable to prove his innocence in court, he is sentenced to a 14-year jail term. Around the same time his wife gets killed in an accident.

After serving the jail term Mohan Kumar takes help from Puri whose life he had saved in prison, to take revenge on the three villains. Puri has connections with the under-world. While Mohan Kumar is also unable to trace his son Ravi, he comes across Roma who lives with her wayward uncle Jagdish, a mean alcoholic. Unknown to Mohan Kumar, his lost son Ravi has joined Jugal Kishore and his gang. By a turn of circumstances Ravi meets Roma and saves the life of Mohan Kumar. Mohan Kumar feels an unexplained affection for Ravi. Roma and Ravi fall in love.

When Mohan Kumar plans Bhandari's death, Jugal Kishore and Balwant assign Ravi to kill Mohan Kumar. Unable to do so, Ravi falls off the roof, and is ironically saved by Mohan Kumar. Kabir, one of Puri's henchmen, finds Ravi's gun. Suspicious, he spies on Ravi and finds out his connection to JK and Balwant. Mohan Kumar is enraged.

Balwant tries to kill Mohan Kumar, but fails. Mohan Kumar chases him and hit by a truck, Balwant dies. Enraged by the deaths of Bhandari and Balwant, JK kidnaps Ravi and Roma. having found out that Ravi is Mohan Kumar's son, he demands a huge ransom to release him. In the ensuing fight, Mohan and Ravi collaborate to get JK killed.

The telephone sequence from the movie - where the hero repeatedly calls a landline number but disconnects the call giving a feel of wrong connection but does not disconnect it finally when the villains are into discussion - is based on a similar sequence from the 1977 Kannada movie Olavu Geluvu.[1]

Lyrics: Javed Akhtar

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weitere Titel:
Duniya id
दुनिया (सन् १९८४या संकिपा)new
दुनिया (1984 फ़िल्म)hi
Duniya (filem 1984)ms
دنیا (فیلم ۱۹۸۴)fa
IMDB: 255
Regie:Ramesh Talwar
Drehbuch:Javed Akhtar
Musik:Rahul Dev Burman
Produzent:Yash Johar
Darsteller:Rishi Kapoor
Dilip Kumar
Amrita Singh
Amrish Puri
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