Für mich gab’s nur noch Fassbinder


Fassbinder's Women (German: Für mich gab's nur noch Fassbinder - Die Glücklichen Opfer Des Rainer Werner F) is a 2000 German documentary film directed by Rosa von Praunheim. The original German title translates as Fassbinder Was the Only One for Me: The Willing Victims of Rainer Werner F.[1]

The film consists of several interviews with the women who formed part of the professional and personal lives of the German film director Rainer Werner Fassbinder. These include: Hanna Schygulla, the director's favorite actress; Ursula Strätz, who founded the Munich Action Theater, where Fassbinder began his career on the stage and actresses Barbara Valentin and Brigitte Mira, the star of Fassbinder's Fear Eats the Soul.[2]

Four of the director's male collaborators: assistant director Harry Baer; cinematographer Michael Ballhaus; musician Peer Raben and producer Peter Berling, also talk about Fassbinder's working methods and personality.

The film opens with actress Irm Hermann, who worked in nineteen films with Fassbinder while he made life a living hell for her. Juliane Lorenz, Fassbinder's last female partner, film editor and executor of his estate after his death, is also interviewed. Fassbinder's ex-wife, actress and singer Ingrid Caven, briefly talks about him in a phone conversation. Missing from the lineup are onscreen collaborators Margit Carstensen and Barbara Sukowa. There are no clips from Fassbinder's films.[3]

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Fassbinder's Women
Für mich gab’s nur noch Fassbinder
Fassbinder et les femmes
Genre:LGBT-Film, Dokumentarfilm
IMDB: 149
Regie:Rosa von Praunheim
Musik:Peer Raben
Darsteller:Irm Hermann
Hanna Schygulla
Juliane Lorenz
Harry Baer
Jeanne Moreau
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