La Bestia magnifica


La bestia magnífica (Lucha libre) ("The Magnificent Beast (Wrestling)") is a 1953 Mexican film directed by Chano Urueta. It tells the story of two good friends who become wrestlers to leave poverty behind, but the arrival of an ambitious woman will tragically change their destiny.

Director Urueta was so enthusiastic about the project that he filmed three fights in their entirety, and the final cut came to 128 minutes, which was very unusual in the Mexican film industry. The production is regarded as the film that started the genre of "wrestling movies", which became immensely popular in Mexico for many decades.

José Elías Moreno won the Ariel Award for Best Supporting Actor and Jorge Bustos for Best Film Editing.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
La Bestia magnifica
IMDB: 41
Regie:Chano Urueta
Darsteller:Crox Alvarado
Wolf Ruvinskis
José Elías Moreno
Irma Dorantes
Miguel Manzano
Miroslava Stern
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