Lord Arthur Savile's Crime


Lord Arthur Saville's Crime (Hungarian: Lidércnyomás) is a 1920 Hungarian silent crime film directed by Pál Fejös and starring Ödön Bárdi, Lajos Gellért and Margit Lux. It was also released as both Mark of the Phantom and Lidercnyomas. The film was based on the 1891 short story Lord Arthur Savile's Crime by Oscar Wilde. It was one of Pal Fejos' earliest films and is now considered lost.[1] It was photographed by Jozsef Karban.[2]

In 1927, director Fejos emigrated to Hollywood where he directed The Last Performance, and later directed Fantômas (1932 film) in France in 1932.[3]

The Oscar Wilde short story was filmed twice more in Europe during the silent years.... in 1919 as Lord Saviles brott (a Swedish film directed by Gunnar Klintburg) and again in 1921 as Lord Arthur Savile's Crime (a French film directed by Rene Hervil).[4]

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Lord Arthur Savile's Crime
Regie:Paul Fejos
Drehbuch:Paul Fejos
Darsteller:Ödön Bárdi
Gusztáv Pártos
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