Mickey's Minstrels


Mickey's Minstrels is a 1934 short film in Larry Darmour's Mickey McGuire series starring a young Mickey Rooney. Directed by Jesse Duffy, the two-reel short was released to theaters on January 11, 1934 by Post Pictures Corp.

Mickey and the Gang help cheer up Jimmy, a little sick boy, by giving him a puppy that they found. Unknown to the kids, the puppy actually belongs to Stinkie Davis. Stinkie and his father make the kids pay $10.00 in order to make up for the stolen puppy. The kids build a big grinding organ, with Mickey acting as the organ grinder, and Billy acting as the monkey. Later, the kids put on a minstrel show in a local talent contest.

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weitere Titel:
Mickey's Minstrels ast
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 16
Regie:Jesse Duffy
Darsteller:Mickey Rooney
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