Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home


Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home is a documentary released in 2009 which relates the personal transformation of farmers as they reexamine their relationship to animals. The movie also tells the story of two animal rescues.[1][2][3]

The principal filmmakers were James LaVeck and Jenny Stein working with associate producers Eric Huang and Kevin Smith. The name of LaVeck and Stein's charitable organization is Tribe of Heart.[4][5]

The stories of seven people compose the core of the documentary: Harold Brown, Howard Lyman and his wife Willow Jeane Lyman, Cheri Ezell-Vandersluis and her husband Jim Vandersluis, and Jason Tracy and his partner Cayce Mell.

In the case of Harold Brown, the Lyman couple, and the Ezell-Vandersluis couple, the movie tells the story of how they began as traditional farmers working as part of the system that uses animals for food or other human purposes, but then came to the view that such practices are cruel and unethical.

In the case of Jason Tracy and Cayce Mell the movie tells the story of two animal rescues they participated in: one occurring after a tornado hit a chicken farm, and the other from the house of a woman who suffered from an animal hoarding compulsion.

The musical score was done by Kevin Bartlett and Joy Askew.

Philosopher Tom Regan (a proponent of the abolitionism movement within animal rights) is listed in the credits for the movie. LaVeck and Stein created a web site called which advocates that it is not possible for animals to be treated humanely in an agricultural process which uses the animal for food.[6]

Actor Alicia Silverstone also appears in the credits and has supported the work of Tribe of Heart.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home ast cy
Reich des Friedens: Der Weg nach Hause
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 245
Regie:Jenny Stein
Musik:Kevin Bartlett
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