William P. Cartlidge

William P. Cartlidge (also known as Bill or William Cartlidge, born 16 June 1942) is an English film and television producer.

One of his television shows was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Miniseries -Dinotopia. Cartlidge was the associate-producer for three episodes of The Benny Hill Show - "Spot Black" (1973), "The Great British Dancing Finals" (173), and "Film Time at the Natural Film Theatre" (1974.) In 1974 he was the associate producer for Paul and Michelle.

He is perhaps best known for being the associate-producer on the Roger Moore James Bond films, The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. He also was the assistant director for the Sean Connery film You Only Live Twice.

In 1976 he was the associate-producer for Seven Nights in Japan. Ten years after being the associate-producer for his first Benny Hill episode, Cartlidge became the co-producer for Educating Rita, and three years later he finally became a producer for the show Not Quite Paradise. In 1988 he produced Consuming Passions, and in 1989 he produced Dealers. Three years later he produced The Playboys. In 1995 Cartlidge moved back to being a co-producer with Haunted. Two years later he stayed as a co-producer for Incognito, and the year after he became an executive producer for The Scarlet Tunic. In 2002 he was the co-producer The Will to Resist and was the producer for the animated TV series Dinotopia.

Cartlidge also wrote and directed An Ideal Husband in 1998, and has worked as either a second unit director or an assistant director on Phase IV, Young Winston, Nearest and Dearest, That's Your Funeral, The Last Valley, Fragment of Fear, The Adventurers, Alfie, Born Free, The Reptile, The Evil of Frankenstein, Strictly for the Birds, What a Crazy World, and on three episodes of The Human Jungle.


Geburtsdatum:16.06.1942 (♊ Zwillinge)
Alter:78Jahre 5Monate 13Tage


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