Marie-Pierre Casey

Marie-Pierre Casey is a French actress, born on 24 January 1937 in Creusot, Saône-et-Loire.

Marie-Pierre Casey was born on 24 January 1937 in Creusot. From the age of nine, she was educated at a boarding in Charolais with her sister and it was there that she discovered her passion for theatre. Her first role was Doc, the leader of the seven dwarfs in the Grimm brothers fairytale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, performed for the end of year celebration, organised by the nuns.

She studied at the Conservatoire de Lyon [fr] and at Cours Simon [de; fr; uk] in Paris, before starting at the cabarets of the Rive Gauche

A the beginning of the 1950s, Marie-Pierre Casey had a small role in the film Forbidden Games directed by René Clément (1952), where she appeared as a shadow.

In 1960, she appeared briefly as a nurse in the film Certains l'aiment froide by Jean Bastia and then in 1967, she played a cashier at the Royal Garden in Playtime by Jacques Tati.

In 1970, she appeared in 3 movies, The Things of Life by Claude Sautet, Children of Mata Hari by Jean Delannoy, and Le Cinéma de papa by Claude Berri.

In 1980 she became known across France for her role in the TV advert for the Johnson cleaning product Pledge (named Pliz in France). In the advert, Marie-Pierre, dressed as a cleaning lady, sprays the product on a large board table, puts on an apron and proceeds to slide down the table on her stomach. She then says "It's better that way, because I wouldn't do that every day" which made the advert a real success amongst Television viewers. The role also brought her to the attention of Jean Becker, who noticed her during an advertising awards ceremony and subsequently offered her a role.


Geburtsdatum:24.01.1937 (♒ Wassermann)
Geburtsort:Le Creusot
Berufe:Filmschauspieler, Bühnenschauspieler, Fernsehschauspieler,