Sam Egan

Sam Egan is a journalist, and a screenwriter and producer for television.

His credits include writing and producing for such shows as Quincy, M.E., The Incredible Hulk, The Fall Guy, Northern Exposure, The Outer Limits, Sanctuary and Jeremiah. He is the son of a Holocaust survivor and based The Outer Limits episode "Tribunal" on his father's experience in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp where his father's first wife and daughter were killed by the Nazis.

As a journalist, Egan has written for Rolling Stone magazine and was editor of the arts magazine The Every Other Weekly. Egan has most recently worked for Shaw's Canadian Sci-Fi Series "Continuum" and "Beloved Mr. Fox," along with Alexander McCall Smith, as a creative consultant. He is also the developer for Television of Robert Rotenburg's "Old City Hall" for CTV. Before working here, he was the creative consultant on the Canadian mini-series "Bloodletting and Other Mirculous Cures". He worked on the development of two Internet series, "The Node" for Trifecta productions and "State of Syn" for Shaftesbury Films as well as writing for the Netflix / City series Between.[citation needed ]

Prior, he worked for CTV and FOX International as Executive Producer of season two of the Listener. He was previously Co-Executive Producer of ABC's "V".[citation needed ]

His work on "Sanctuary" received a nomination for a Leo Award in Canada. The episode he wrote called "Out of Ashes" for the show "Jeremiah" won him the Literacy in the Media Award for Outstanding Television Series. Also, the episode of "Jeremiah" called "City of Roses" was nominated for Canada's Top Ten Writing Awards- Egan's second nomination.

Sam Egan is married to Jane and has two daughters and three grandchildren. Egan is renowned for his extensive collection of art deco lamps and light fixtures. When his parents moved to the United States from Europe, they changed their last name to Egan to sound more American. They chose the last name of their favorite actor, Richard Egan.


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