State's Evidence


State's Evidence is an independent film released in 2006 starring Douglas Smith, Alexa Vega, Majandra Delfino, Kris Lemche, Cody McMains, and Drew Tyler Bell.

Scott declares his intention to kill himself and say goodbye to his friends and relatives and to shoot it with his camera. At school he tells his five best friends (Brian, Rick, Patrick, Trudi, Sandy), who try to reassure him. But then they decide to kill themselves too and buy cameras for everyone, aiming to upload complete video to a website. Patrick occasionally filmed a local bully Tyrone Johnson with his girlfriend and was beaten by him for that. Patrick starts a plan to kill students who irritate him before killing himself. He films a video where he makes a list of the students and shows it to his friends, explaining it as a joke. But some friends begin to suspect him.

Sandy (Alexa Vega) and Scott slowly fall in love with each other, Trudi and Brian become close friends. Before the joint suicide, Patrick shows a tape where he strangles an innocent little girl in a supermarket. The girls call him a murderer. The boys decide not to tell anyone about that case except to save it on a camera, which they call "State's Evidence".

They all arrange to meet at school at one time in the same place and go to sleep. However, Patrick and Rick get up earlier and go to school. In the hall Patrick charges his gun and tells Rick to follow him and film everything he does. When Patrick comes around the corner, he starts shooting students. Then he looks for Tyrone and his friends. Other friends come to a corridor and see killed and injured schoolmates. Scott hurries to stop Patrick. He finds Patrick threaten and abuse Tyrone who is crying on his knees and Rick still filming everything. Scott offers Patrick to let Tyrone go and "take him instead", but Patrick injures Scott and then kills Tyrone with one shot. Rick throws the camera and runs away.

Patrick takes the camera and pulls wounded Scott to a science room where he says on camera that it wasn't a random killing and aimed to attract the attention of the American people. He hopes that his act will stop teenage suicides and bullying at school and shoots himself in the head. The police arrive and find both boys dead and switch off the camera.

The film ends with Scott's mother crying near the TV set.

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weitere Titel:
State's Evidence ast
污点证人zh-hans zh
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 661
Drehbuch:Mark Brown
Darsteller:Douglas Smith
Alexa Vega
Majandra Delfino
Kris Lemche
Cody McMains
Drew Tyler Bell
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Channel Island Indie Film Festival
Festival Award
Best Director
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