Stryker is a 2004 film by Noam Gonick about gang violence in North End Winnipeg, Manitoba.[1]

The film follows a 14-year-old arsonist (Kyle Henry) who becomes involved in a turf war between the Indian Posse and the Asian Bomb Squad (a now-defunct Filipino gang). He is known only as Stryker, a slang term for a prospective gang member.

Music for the film was composed by Karman Omeosoo of Team Rezofficial.[2]

Running away from his reserve after burning down a church, 14-year-old Stryker (Kyle Henry) ends up in North End, Winnipeg.[3][4]

Becoming involved in a turf war, he is stuck between joining either the Indian Posse, led by an Indigenous lesbian named Mama Ceece (Deena Fontaine), recently released from jail; or the Asian Bomb Squad, a Filipino gang headed by Omar (Ryan Black), who is part-Indigenous.[3][4]

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
استریکر (فیلم)fa
Тед Страйкер
Genre:LGBT-Film, Filmdrama
IMDB: 199
Verleih:Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Regie:Noam Gonick
Drehbuch:Noam Gonick
Kamera:Edward Lachman
Darsteller:Kyle Henry
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