Veritas: The Quest


Veritas: The Quest is a television program that aired in 2003. It follows a rebellious but intelligent teenager, Nikko Zond, discovering that his father Solomon's profession is much more mystical and adventurous than he previously thought. Solomon and his team (dubbed "Veritas," Latin for "truth") search for the answers to some of the world's mysteries, a quest began because of the mysterious disappearance of Nikko's mother during an archaeological dig. Thus begins Nikko's fantastical journey into an Indiana Jones-style adventure with his father and his colleagues in trying to follow in his mother's footsteps to discover what strange secrets she was uncovering. The series was cancelled in the United States by ABC with only four episodes being aired. All thirteen produced episodes aired on Sci Fi Channel in the United Kingdom, on Rai 2 and Rai 4 in Italy, and Canal Sony (formerly known as Sony Entertainment Television).

This was the first program where Cobie Smulders had a series regular role, and notable guest stars included Liz Vassey, Carlo Rota, Roger Rees, and Eli Wallach.

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weitere Titel:
Đi tìm cổ vậtvi
Veritas: The Quest ast ga
Veritas: В поисках истины
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
Verleih:Disney–ABC Domestic Television
Darsteller:Alex Carter
Ryan Merriman
Cobie Smulders
Eric Balfour
Cynthia Martells
Arnold Vosloo
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Directors Guild of Canada
DGC Craft Award
Outstanding Achievement in Picture Editing - Television Series
Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films
Cinescape Genre Face of the Future Award
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