Hannah Lee


Hannah Lee (also known as Outlaw Territory and Hannah Lee: An American Primitive) is a 1953 American western film directed by Lee Garmes and John Ireland. It was originally filmed in stereoscopic 3-D Pathécolor using the twin-Camerette 3-D system by Stereo-Cine Corp.

Based on the novel "Wicked Water" by MacKinlay Kantor.

Bus Crow (Macdonald Carey), a professional gunfighter from Texas arrives in Pearl City looking for work, where he makes an impression on the locals at "Hannah's Place", a saloon run by Hallie (Joanne Dru). This leads to him being hired by ranchers to convince squatters to leave the area. U.S. Marshal Sam Rochelle (John Ireland) is brought in to investigate some murders and suspects Crow is responsible.

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weitere Titel:
Il territorio dei fuorilegge
Hannah Lee ast
হ্যানা লিbn
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 74
Verleih:Realart Pictures Inc.
Regie:Lee Garmes
John Ireland
Drehbuch:MacKinlay Kantor
Kamera:Lee Garmes
Musik:Paul Dunlap
Darsteller:Macdonald Carey
Joanne Dru
John Ireland
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