Der Mord, der zweimal geschah


Constance aux enfers (US title: Web of Fear) is a 1963 French language motion picture crime thriller directed by François Villiers. It was based on novel Constance aux enfers by Jean-Pierre Ferrière, who co-wrote screenplay with Jacques Sigurd. The film stars Michèle Morgan, Dany Saval.

A young woman is killed by one of her companions. He escaped in a neighbor widow's apartment room, and becomes her lover. Another man gets much money from her by his blackmail revealing their love affair, but she finds the victim is actually alive and part of the blackmail plan, and does vengeance.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
05.02.1964 in Frankreich
weitere Titel:
Constance aux enfers lb
Der Mord, der zweimal geschah
Herstellungsland:Frankreich, Spanien
IMDB: 48
Regie:François Villiers
Drehbuch:Jacques Sigurd
Schnitt:Christian Gaudin
Musik:Claude Bolling
Darsteller:Michèle Morgan
Dany Saval
Claude Rich
George Rigaud
Maria Pacôme
Simón Andreu
Carlos Casaravilla
Antonio Casas
Matilde Muñoz Sampedro
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