Eye of the Storm – Das Todesmotel


Eye of the Storm is a 1991 German romantic thriller, directed by Yuri Zeltser.

At a highway gas station/motel where they live, two young brothers witness their parents murder. The younger brother is blinded in the same incident. Ten years later both brothers are still there and the tragedy may have turned one of them psychotic: customers never check out. When the abusive Gladstone and his young and sexy wife are stranded at the gas station it brings out the worst in everyone.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
03.10.1991 in Deutschland
weitere Titel:
Eye of the Storm
Eye of the Storm – Das Todesmotel
Genre:Romantischer Thriller
Herstellungsland:Deutschland, Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 391
Verleih:Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group
Drehbuch:Michael Stewart
Kamera:Karl Walter Lindenlaub
Musik:Christopher Franke
Produzent:ShowBIZ Data
Darsteller:Bradley Gregg
Lara Flynn Boyle
Dennis Hopper
Norbert Grupe
Leon Rippy
Craig Sheffer
Ally Walker
Bruce Gray
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