Robotrix (Chinese 女机械人 pinyin: nǚ jīxièrén "Woman Robot") is a 1991 Hong Kong science fiction exploitation film directed by Jamie Luk Kin-ming and produced by the Golden Harvest Company.[4] Bill Lui, the winner of the 23rd Hong Kong Film Awards (Best Art Direction), is the Art Director of this film. It features Taiwanese-American actor David Wu, Japanese actress Chikako Aoyama [ja] , kung fu expert Billy Chow, Hui Hsiao-dan, and the voluptuous soft-porn star Amy Yip.[5][6] The plot concerns a female police officer who is gunned down, only to have her mind transferred into a cyborg clone.[7] The idea of mind uploading as well as some cult elements inside the film make Robotrix become a science fiction film classic in Hong Kong.[8]

This erotic R-rated thriller is notable for a Hong Kong film on general release in featuring frequent female full-frontal nudity, and is particularly notable for a scene of brief full-frontal male nudity (of Hong Kong Chinese actor Chung Lin, playing the robot version of Japanese scientist Ryuichi Yamamoto), as it is perhaps the first time in Hong Kong cinema that a Chinese adult male's private parts have been fully revealed on camera in a film for general release.[citation needed ] It was also perhaps notable for leading the way in Hong Kong category 3 martial arts films. Cast member Vincent Lyn said of the film, "Now that was one wild shoot. The cast and crew were all over the place and you were lucky to find out what you were doing before the cameras rolled. I spent more time laughing on the set than anything else."[6]

A criminally insane scientist, Ryuichi Sakamoto (Chung Lin), transfers his mind into a cyborg and immediately commits a series of rapes and murders. Among his victims is female police officer Selena Lin (Chikako Aoyama). The scientist Dr. Sara (Hui Hsiao-dan) transfers Selena's mind into a cyborg named Eve-27, including Sara's robotic assistant named Ann (Amy Yip), the cyborg-robot team join the police force and pursue the criminal Sakamoto by investigating a series of murdered prostitutes. After Selena/Eve-27 have sexual relations with her policeman boyfriend Chou (David Wu), Ann become curious about human sexual activity, but without human mind Ann is not capable to know further...[9]

The film grossed HK$5,486,008 at the Hong Kong box office during its theatrical run from 31 May to 13 June 1991 in Hong Kong.[1][2]

This film was first released on Blu-ray Disc on March 27, 2020.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
女機械人zh-hant zh
バストロイド 香港大作戦
Genre:Science-Fiction-Film, Sexploitationfilm
IMDB: 1058
Regie:Jamie Luk
Darsteller:David Wu
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