William E. Badgley

Billy the kid Badgley is a documentary film and television producer and the front man for the hard rock group Federation X. Badgley owns and operates both The Documentary Center, a dual purpose documentary production/instruction office, and Molasses Manifesto, a documentary production company/record label that in addition to produces music documentaries.

Badgley acted as producer, editor, and director for “Kill All Redneck Pricks: A Documentary Film about a Band Called KARP” (Molasses Manifesto 2011). It is the story of three friends, Karp, overcoming odds through rock n' roll music. It is set in the Pacific Northwest and features appearances by Melvins, Unwound, Calvin Johnson, K Records, Kathleen Hanna, Kimya Dawson, Joe Preston and many more. It was screened in eight different countries, and translated into three different languages.

Before releasing his first feature documentary film, “Kill All Redneck Pricks: A Documentary Film about a Band Called KARP” (Molasses Manifesto 2011) Badgley worked producing documentary television in New York City for major networks such as MTV, A&E, and The Lifetime Channel.

Currently Badgley and Molasses Manifesto are producing a feature documentary called “Get Amongst It: The Story of the First Check Yo Ponytail Tour” for LA based music companies Iheartcomix and Media Contender. It is a story of a DIY party night in L.A. that decides to go national and builds a tour of epic proportions from the ground up. The tour brings Spank Rock, Big Freedia, The Death Set, Pictureplane, DJ Franki Chan with appearances by Grimes and 12th Planet to a national audience.

In 2012 Badgley and Molasses Manifesto released the 5th studio record by Federation X entitled “We Do What We Must” produced in Los Angeles by the recording/producing team, “DEAF NEPHEWS” (Dale Crover of Melvins and Toshi Kasai).


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