Drei Schritte vor der Hölle


Slaughter on Tenth Avenue is a 1957 American film noir crime film directed by Arnold Laven and starring Richard Egan, Jan Sterling, Dan Duryea, Julie Adams, Walter Matthau, Charles McGraw and Sam Levene.[1]

The film is a story of crime on New York's waterfront. It is based on the non-fiction book The Man Who Rocked the Boat, an autobiography by William Keating, played by Egan in the film. The book chronicles Keating's experiences as an assistant district attorney and as counsel to the New York City Anti-Crime Committee. In the portion of the book depicted in the film, Keating pursued a murder prosecution for a waterfront hit despite widespread corruption that stretched all the way into the district attorney's office.

The title comes from the Richard Rodgers ballet of the same name, which was featured in the 1936 play On Your Toes. The plot line of the movie has no relation to the play, but the composition by Rodgers is indeed heard in the film, in an adaptation by Herschel Burke Gilbert (under the direction of music supervisor Joseph Gershenson) that was praised as "magnificent".[2]

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Slaughter on Tenth Avenue ast
I bassifondi del porto
Meurtres sur la dixième avenue
Drei Schritte vor der Hölle
Terreur in New York
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 420
Verleih:Universal Studios
Regie:Arnold Laven
Kamera:Fred Jackman
Musik:Herschel Burke Gilbert
Produzent:Albert Zugsmith
Darsteller:Richard Egan
Jan Sterling
Dan Duryea
Julie Adams
Walter Matthau
Charles McGraw
Sam Levene
Mickey Shaughnessy
Harry Bellaver
Nick Dennis
Joe Downing
John McNamara
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