Durch die Hölle Vietnams


The Odd Angry Shot is an Australian 1979 war and action film with elements of comedy, which was written, directed and produced by Tom Jeffrey (with Sue Millikin). It is based on the book of the same title by William Nagel, and follows the experiences of Australian soldiers during the Vietnam War. The movie, which was shot on location in New South Wales and Canungra, Queensland, traces the tour of duty of an Australian Special Air Service Regiment reconnaissance team from their departure to their return home to Australia. It avoids much of the political comment on Australia’s involvement in Vietnam, unlike Hollywood films which tend to explore the rights and wrongs of the Vietnamese conflict.

The film focuses on the soldiers in their cantonments away from the battlefield, where they spend the bulk of their time playing cards, smoking, drinking beer, nursing their tinea, making jokes and messing about with American forces. The film also contains some small scale battle scenes. When the men return to Australia, they reflect on how both they and the general Australian society have changed. The film was sold to several countries including the US, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway and Greece.[2]

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weitere Titel:
The Odd Angry Shot ast
Fandens til krig
Durch die Hölle Vietnams
Tillbaka från helvetet
IMDB: 1224
Verleih:Village Roadshow
Regie:Tom Jeffrey
Kamera:Donald M. McAlpine
Schnitt:Brian Kavanagh
Darsteller:Graham Kennedy
Bryan Brown
John Hargreaves
John Jarratt
Graeme Blundell
Richard Moir
Ian Gilmour
Tony Barry
Ray Meagher
Frankie J. Holden
Joy Westmore
Brian Wenzel
Max Cullen
Tim Page
Harold Hopkins
Ron Wilson
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