The Wedding Tackle


The Wedding Tackle is a 2000 British comedy film directed by Rami Dvir and starring Leslie Grantham, Tony Slattery, Adrian Dunbar, Amanda Redman, Susan Vidler, and James Purefoy.

Hal, an over sexed photographer, has a problem. He is due to marry Vinni in one weeks time and he's got cold feet. In fact, he's got frostbite. His friend, Little Ted, a scheming, sexually frustrated cartoonist is obsessed with Vinni, even though he dumped her when they went out together. Both Little Ted and Hal have their own plans to disrupt the imminent wedding and they separately call upon Mr.Mac, a world weary swimming coach, to help them out. On Hal's all day stag night, Little Ted sets in motion a disastrous chain of events when he persuades Mr.Mac to convince Petula, (his ex-girlfriend) to seduce Hal in a pub lavatory so that he can record it on Polaroid. Hal, decides to chat up Caroline Lynch in The All Bar One pub in London. Hal falls so hopelessly in love with Caroline he takes her out to dinner to a posh restaurant in London. Hal uses all of his charm on Caroline to make him fall in love with him.

The soundtrack to The Wedding Tackle

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weitere Titel:
The Wedding Tackle ast
Herstellungsland:Vereinigtes Königreich
IMDB: 128
Darsteller:Leslie Grantham
Tony Slattery
Adrian Dunbar
Amanda Redman
James Purefoy
Victoria Smurfit
Gary Ross
Marshall Lancaster
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