Wombling Free


Wombling Free is a 1977 British film adaptation of the children's television series The Wombles.[1] Directed by Lionel Jeffries, it stars The Wombles, David Tomlinson, Frances de la Tour, and Bonnie Langford.

Based on the BBC children's series, this film charts the adventures of the Wombles, a colony of small litter-picking creatures who live in Wimbledon Common in 1970s London.

Great Uncle Bulgaria Womble recounts the story of how Wombles have always been cleaning up after humans from the very beginning with Adam and Eve, and how Wombles continue to clean up after humans for generations up to the present day all around the world, including the United States, Russia, and India. Only seen by those who believe in them, their work goes largely unnoticed until a young girl, Kim, spots them and their worthwhile purpose. As she invites them to her birthday party, her father is forced to believe as he comes face to face with Orinoco, Tobermory and the others. A public meeting is set to prove to the local population that the Wombles do exist and should be aided in their anti-rubbish campaign. But on the day in question, a storm breaks out over the Common.

At the end, Kim, Wombles and all the children help in cleaning up Wimbledon Common.

The Womble characters were portrayed by diminutive actors Kenny Baker as Bungo the drummer, Eileen Baker as Tobermory the keyboardist, Sadie Corre as Madame Cholet the saxophonist, Tony Friel as Wellington the lead guitarist, John Lummiss as MacWomble the rhythm guitarist, Jack Purvis as Great Uncle Bulgaria the violinist and music director, Albert Wilkinson as Tomsk the bassist, and Marcus Powell as Orinoco the lead singer. Womble voices were provided by David Jason, Janet Brown, Jon Pertwee, John Graham and Lionel Jeffries.

An accompanying soundtrack was released by CBS featuring a selection of Mike Batt's score cues plus new recordings and remixes of previous Womble songs as featured in the film. No items from this album have ever appeared on any Wombles compilation, but in 2011 the soundtrack was released on CD by the Dramatico label.

Wombling Free was part of a slate of films made in the late 70s by the Rank Organisation, who re-entered the filmmaking arena.[2]

Most exterior shots were filmed in Black Park in Wexham and Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire.

Philip French, film critic for The Observer, called the film "abysmal".[3]

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Wombling Free ast cy
Genre:Musikfilm, Kinderfilm
Herstellungsland:Vereinigtes Königreich
Verleih:Cookie Jar Group
Regie:Lionel Jeffries
Drehbuch:Lionel Jeffries
Kamera:Alan Hume
Musik:Mike Batt
Darsteller:David Tomlinson
Frances de la Tour
Bonnie Langford
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