Pippi Langstrumpf


Pippi Longstocking is a 1997 animated musical adventure comedy film co-directed by Michael Schaack and Clive A. Smith, and written by Catharina Stackelberg, based on the eponymous children's books by Astrid Lindgren.[5] A joint Swedish-German-Canadian venture produced by Svensk Filmindustri, IdunaFilm, TFC Trickompany and Nelvana, the film features the voices of Melissa Altro, Catherine O'Hara, Gordon Pinsent, Dave Thomas, Wayne Robson and Carole Pope.

For its releases in both the United States and Canada, the film was distributed theatrically by Legacy Releasing, and on VHS and DVD by Warner Home Video under their Warner Bros. Family Entertainment label. It was also served as a pilot of a spin-off television series, which premiered on Teletoon in Canada, and then aired on HBO. From there, only three out of thirteen episodes from the series' first season, Pippi Goes to the South Seas, Pippi Meets Some Pearl Poachers and Pippi Goes Home were combined into a feature film Pippi's Adventures on the South Seas, released on VHS and DVD by HBO Home Video on 2 May 2000.

The film is Nelvana's first animated theatrical feature since Babar: The Movie.

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weitere Titel:
Пеппи Длинныйчулок
Pippi Longstocking
Peppi Pitkätossufi
Pippi Långstrump
Pippi Langstrømpe nb
Fifi Brindacier
Harisnyás Pippi – A Villekulla-villahu
پی‌پی جوراب‌بلنده (فیلم ۱۹۹۷)fa
Pippi Langstrumpf bar
Pippi Langkous
בילבי (סרט, 1997)he
بيبي لونغستوكنغ
Lína Langsokkuris
Пеппі Довгапанчоха
Pippi Longstocking (film 1997)id
삐삐 롱스타킹ko
Genre:Musikfilm, Kinderfilm, Abenteuerfilm, Familienfilm, Romanverfilmung
Herstellungsland:Schweden, Deutschland
IMDB: 1514
Verleih:Legacy Releasing, Netflix
Regie:Clive A. Smith
Michael Schaack
Musik:Anders Berglund
Produzent:Michael Hirsh
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