Mißbraucht – Eine Mutter beichtet


Country Justice (also known as Family Rescue) is a 1997 American made-for-television crime drama film starring Rachael Leigh Cook, George C. Scott, Ally Sheedy and Don Diamont.

Emma (Rachael Leigh Cook) is a 15-year-old girl who was raised in a West Virginia mining town by her miner grandfather, Clayton Hayes (George C. Scott). She wants to know about her mother Angie Baker (Ally Sheedy), who abandoned her when she was a baby. She decides to go visit her mother in Tennessee despite her grandfather's insistence against it, leaving him a note.

When she arrives at the trailer where her mother lives, she is greeted by her mother's partner Ray Wilcox (Don Diamont) who is instantly attracted to her. He keeps complimenting her using superficial charm until one night she goes out to dinner with him. He gives her too much champagne before taking her to an abandoned trailer and rapes her.

After the rape, Emma returns home to her grandfather, who threatens to murder Ray, only barely being talked out of it by Emma. Emma soon finds out that she is pregnant and, after some contemplation, decides to keep the baby. Some months later, Ray begins stalking her, which causes her to go into labor from shock when she catches him watching her from outside a house window. She gives birth to a son named Matthew Baker and becomes focused on being a good mother. Ray sues for sole custody of their son, easily winning the case due to his age and financial income, but Clayton kidnaps the baby to keep Ray from taking him.

After Clayton becomes a fugitive, the police arrive at Emma's house along with Ray to get the baby. Emma tells them she doesn't have the baby and, after persistent threats from Ray, they leave. Clayton is assisted by various friends while on the run, including a minister.

Clayton is forced to come out of hiding and seek a hospital when the baby's health starts to decline, causing him to stop breathing. He is eventually found and Emma wins the custody fight on appeal and Clayton is granted custody of the baby. Ray comes back and tries to talk to Angie, but Clayton sends him away. At the end of the movie Angie, Clayton, and Emma wind up living together and taking care of Matthew. Emma goes back to school, able to maintain a scarred but peaceful life as a teenager and mother.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Country Justice
Mère avant l'heure
Mißbraucht – Eine Mutter beichtet
Genre:Jugendfilm, Kriminalfilm, Filmdrama
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 334
Verleih:Columbia Broadcasting System
Regie:Graeme Campbell
Kamera:Richard Leiterman
Darsteller:Rachael Leigh Cook
George C. Scott
Ally Sheedy
Don Diamont
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