9 to 5

9 to 5 is an American sitcom television series based on the 1980 film of the same name that aired on ABC from March 25, 1982, to October 27, 1983, and in first-run syndication from September 13, 1986 to March 26, 1988.

9 to 5 features Rachel Dennison, Dolly Parton's younger sister, in Parton's role of Doralee Rhodes; Rita Moreno portrayed the Lily Tomlin role of Violet Newstead, and Valerie Curtin took the Jane Fonda role of Judy Bernly. In the truncated third season, Curtin's Judy Bernly was replaced with Leah Ayres as secretary Linda Bowman. In the second version of the show, Sally Struthers replaced Moreno, and Curtin returned as Judy. A total of 85 episodes were filmed. The first season was on film in front of a studio audience but switched to videotape for the next season.

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weitere Titel:
Dalle 9 alle 5, orario continuato
9 to 5
Comment se débarrasser de son patron
Genre:US-amerikanische Fernsehsitcom
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
Musik:Jack Elliott
Darsteller:Rita Moreno
Valerie Curtin
Leah Ayres
Sally Struthers
Jeffrey Tambor
Peter Bonerz
Edward Winter
Jean Marsh
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Golden Globe
Best Performance by an Actress in a TV-Series - Comedy/Musical
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Primetime Emmy
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series
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