Vincent is a British television crime drama series, created and principally written by Stephen Butchard, that first broadcast on ITV on 10 October 2005.[1]

Vincent follows the work of a private detective agency based in Manchester, run by private investigator Vincent Gallagher (Ray Winstone), who alongside with his sidekick Beth (Suranne Jones), junior PI Robert (Joe Absolom) and fellow team members Gillian (Angel Coulby) and John (Ian Puleston-Davies), investigates cases which the police would either refuse to touch, or have been unable to solve. Vincent also has to deal with his arch enemy, DCI David Driscoll (Philip Glenister), who begins a relationship with his estranged wife Cathy (Eva Pope), resulting in Cathy becoming pregnant.[2]

Following strong viewership and critical acclaim for the first series, a second four-part series was commissioned, which began transmission on 16 October 2006.[1] Despite retaining consistent viewing figures, and Winstone's expressed interest in continuing in the role, ITV executives chose to axe Vincent following the conclusion of the second series.[1]

The complete series was released on DVD on 13 November 2006 via ITV Studios Home Entertainment.[3] On 25 February 2016, all eight episodes were made also made available for download on the ITV Store.[4] Both series of Vincent were also broadcast in the United States on BBC America.[5]

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weitere Titel:
Vincent ast ga
Herstellungsland:Vereinigtes Königreich
IMDB: 603
Regie:Terry McDonough
Darsteller:Ray Winstone
Suranne Jones
Angel Coulby
Ian Puleston-Davies
Joe Absolom
Eva Pope
Philip Glenister
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