Das Buschkrankenhaus

A Country Practice is an Australian television soap opera which ran from 18 November 1981 to 5 November 1994 on the Seven Network, airing at 7:30 pm on Monday and Tuesday evenings. Altogether, 1,058 episodes were produced. The show was produced at ATN-7's production facility at Epping, New South Wales, with exterior locations filmed in Pitt Town and in Oakville, suburbs which lie in the outskirts of Northwest Sydney, Australia.

Several of the regular cast members became highly popular celebrities as a result of their roles in the series. It also featured a number of native Australian animals, particularly the iconic 'Fatso the wombat' adding to its enduring appeal both domestically and internationally. After the series was cancelled by the Seven Network in 1993, a reworked version of the series ran briefly on Network Ten in 1994.

At the time of its cancellation, A Country Practice was the longest-running Australian TV drama; however, by the late 1990s, that record was surpassed by Network Ten series Neighbours. At the height of its popularity, the show attracted 8–10 million Australian viewers weekly[citation needed ] (at a time when the population of Australia was a mere 15 million). The series was eventually sold to, and broadcast in, a total of 48 other countries.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
A Country Practice ast ga
À cœur ouvert
Wandin Valley
أكنتري براكتيس
Das Buschkrankenhaus
IMDB: 612
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