Karl der Große


Charlemagne, le prince à cheval is a 1993 television miniseries about the life of Charlemagne. It consists of five episodes and covers the period from the death of his father, Pepin the Short in AD 768 until Charlemagne's coronation as the first Holy Roman Emperor on Christmas Day, AD 800. However, there is a minor chronological anachronism: in an earlier episode, we see Widukind, the king of the Saxons surrender and convert to Christianity, which didn't happen until AD 803.

This program was directed by Clive Donner, which was the final project he worked on before dying on 7 September 2010 and based primarily on the contemporary biography of Charlemagne written by Einhard, who knew Charlemagne personally.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Karol Wielkipl
Charlemagne, le prince à cheval sh ast ga
Carlo Magno
Karl der Große
Kungen av Europa
Genre:Filmbiografie, Mittelalterfilm
IMDB: 223
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