Niagara, Niagara


Niagara, Niagara is a 1997 film directed by Bob Gosse, and starring Henry Thomas, Robin Tunney, as well as Michael Parks, John Ventimiglia and Stephen Lang.

A dark and tragic romantic tale about young love, drugs, a cross country trip and Tourette syndrome. Filmed locations were New Paltz, Highland and Poughkeepsie in upstate New York, as well as Niagara Falls and Canada. A film was produced by the New York City based Shooting Gallery.

The film was praised internationally, particularly in the UK, but American critics were mixed. Robin Tunney's performance garnered her the Volpi Cup Award for Best Actress at the 1997 Venice International Film Festival. The film has fallen into a cult status, due to underground popularity. It was released only on VHS, but not on DVD.

The film begins with Seth and Marcie shoplifting times from a dollar type store. The two crooks crash into each other and soon a friendship ensues. After giving Marcie a ride to her weekend job, Seth goes home to his abusive and somewhat mentally unstable father.

The next day Seth is at a different store where he runs into Marcie. After driving over to her home and picking up some of Marcie’s personal items, they begin a drive north to Canada in pursuit of a black Barbie styling head for Marcie.

On their drive north, Marcie is unable to hide her tics. At one point, she has an outburst in a parking lot and attacks a guy who was shouting insults to Seth. From this point on, the only things that keep her tics and behaviors at bay are sex and alcohol.

In desperation to get her hands on an antipsychotic, they attempt to rob a pharmacy. The pharmacist catches them and shoots Seth in the leg with a shot gun. The two get away, but one of the car tires is hit in the process and eventually Marcie crashes the car.

An old man named Walter tows their truck to his place and helps take care of Seth’s wound. Over the course of a week, he teaches the two how to shoot and catch fish.

After a local deputy comes by asking Walter if he’d seen the pair, Marcie has a severe outburst and beats Walter. Seth and Marcie take off in Walter’s truck.

The pair make it to Canada and find the Barbie head. The only available black Barbie head is a display model that the store manager refuses to sell. Marcie again has a violent outburst and the cops are called. When the police arrive, she grabs the gun from one police officer and the other surprises her from a side aisle and shoots her dead. Seth is arrested.

Later, we see Walter reading an apologies letter with $20 from Seth. Seth narrates the happy ending that did not happen, as Walter reads his letter.

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weitere Titel:
Niagara, Niagara ast
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 1507
Regie:Bob Gosse
Kamera:Michael Spiller
Darsteller:Henry Thomas
Robin Tunney
Michael Parks
Stephen Lang
John Ventimiglia
Clea DuVall
Candy Clark
Shawn Hatosy
Dwight Ewell
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