Lipstick & Ice Cream


Girls Just Want to Have Fun is a 1985 American romantic comedy dance film directed by Alan Metter and distributed by New World Pictures. It was written by Amy Spies and stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Lee Montgomery, Morgan Woodward, Jonathan Silverman, Shannen Doherty, and Helen Hunt.[3] Its story follows Janey, a new girl in town who meets Lynne, both share a passion for dancing (Dance TV). Together the two enter a competition to be a new Dance TV regular couple, however Janey's father doesn't approve.

The film was produced by Chuck Russell and was released on April 12, 1985. It grossed $1.7 million in its opening weekend and $6.3 million worldwide, against a budget of $5 million.[4] It received generally negative reviews and has a 38% approval rating based on 13 votes on Rotten Tomatoes.[5] Despite its negative reviews, the film was regularly aired on Comedy Central, Lifetime, USA Network, Lifetime Movie Network and ABC Family for several years and has become a cult film.[6] The film is also well-known for an unintentional error on the VHS edition: the runtime is listed as 95 minutes on the case (the correct time), but 94 minutes on the cassette label.[7]

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weitere Titel:
Dziewczyny chcą się bawićpl
School Girls
Girls Just Want to Have Fun ast
Voglia di ballare
Девочки хотят повеселиться
Les noies només s'ho volen passar bé
Édenkert a javábólhu
Tüdrukud tahavad vaid pidu pannaet
Piger på sjov
Lipstick & Ice Cream
دخترها فقط می‌خواهند لذت ببرند (فیلم)fa
Genre:romantische Komödie, Musikfilm, Jugendfilm
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 12000
Verleih:New World Pictures, Netflix, Hulu
Regie:Alan Metter
Musik:Thomas Newman
Produzent:James G. Robinson
Chuck Russell
Stuart Cornfeld
Robert Fern Lyons
Darsteller:Sarah Jessica Parker
Lee Montgomery
Helen Hunt
Morgan Woodward
Ed Lauter
Jonathan Silverman
Shannen Doherty
Holly Gagnier
Terry McGovern
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